EXCLUSIVE Lenny Lamb BLACK DIAMOND Mah Dai Baby Carrier

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First picture shows actual color and weave. Other photos show the carrier design in general

We are going back to the basics with this simple, all black design!  The lightweight 100% cotton diamond weave is perfect for all seasons :)

Mah Dai is a type of baby carrier which has its origins in Asia. It has a very simple construction - a rectangular panel with straps on the top and bottom. The carrier has a kind of a headrest and a hood which perfectly holds the baby’s head while they are sleeping. It does not have any stiff elements, therefore, it allows carrying a baby in a position which is natural for such a young, still developing spine.

LennyLamb's Mah Dai is made for babies who can already sit on their own. However, if you are convinced and sure that you are able to hold the baby’s body tightly with the cloth, you can use it earlier - when a child already hold its head firmly (Mini size).

The carriers of this type are one of the favorites of the babywearing parents.

They are easy to use, often easier than a long woven wrap and can be worn both on the front and back. The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort, and all the straps are long enough to fit any body type. If your baby is already comfortably wearing size 18 month clothes or larger, we recommend going with the toddler size.  Otherwise, we recommend trying out the baby size. Once your baby has good body control, you can start wearing them on your back - many parent's find this more comfortable, especially with heavier babies.


LennyLamb Mini (standard) - Recommended for children aged between 5 -18 months
Maximum child’s weight - 18 kg/40lbs
LennyLamb Toddler (maxi) - Recommended for children aged over 10 months
Maximum child’s weight - 20 kg/44lbs
The basic difference is in the size of the panel:
width of the panel: MINI - 35 cm, TDDLR - 40 cm
height of the panel: MINI -45cm and TDDLR - 55 cm
waist strap length: 190 cm
shoulder straps length: 205 cm (including the padded part - 55 cm)
Permissible measurement error is ± 3 cm.




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