Cozy Cuties PFAU CASHMERE Wrap Conversion Ring Sling - Organic Cotton Cashmere Blend

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Cozy Cuties Wrap Conversion Ring Sling made from DIDYMOS Pfau Cashmere: A warm and rather heavy weight Cashmere fabric featuring the Peacock pattern in a natural color combination. A complex Jacquard weave, the fabric is realized by combining natural cotton yarn for the warp with dark brown Cashmere yarn for the weft. 

-Fiber content: 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Cashmere Wool, single layer
-Fabric weight: 280gsm
-Weave: Jacquard
-Width: 27-29 inches
-Shoulder Style: ComfyCutie Hybrid
-Size: 80" from rings to short end of taper
-Meets CPSC Safety Requirements: Yes
-Machine washable: Yes
-Want it shortened before shipping? Just make a note of it at checkout :)

-Meets CPSC/CPSIA Safety Requirements
-Can be used with babies through toddlers, weighing 8-35lbs
-Shoulder is designed so that the sling can equally be worn on your left or right side
-Fabric is wide enough to effectively put baby in an ergonomic “M” position (knees above hips)
-Wide fabric also allows for weight to be distributed across back and torso
-Fully adjustable and customizable to you and your growing baby
-Several different carrying positions allowed (instructions included)
-The fastest carrier to get your baby into once mastered
-Easy to lay a sleeping baby down without waking
-Gives baby the same soothing comfort as being held in your arms
-Can easily breastfeed baby in it
-Open tail can fold into the top rail to make a padded neck support for baby, be used as a nursing cover, or can be wrapped around the rings for a sleek look
-No clasps, buckles, closures, etc that may irritate user or baby
-Only non-welded, lead free, nickle free, and toxin free Aluminum SlingRings brand rings are used (these rings are made solely for the purpose of baby wearing)
-All hems are sewn to face away from the wearer and baby's body (removes any pressure points that may occur with sling sewn with the hem facing in)

-A cross between a pleated and a gathered shoulder
-Gives the user the control and look of a pleated, yet the flexibility of a gathered
-Shoulder can be worn either narrow or wide
-Shoulder is double layered, greatly increasing comfort for the user and removing pressure points that often occur with traditional gathered or pleated shoulder slings
-5 rows of strong stitching (2 vertical and 3 horizontal) holding the rings into place maximizes safety and reliability
-1 row of strong stitching holds pleats in place near the rings
-The ComfyCutie Hybrid Shoulder is an EXCLUSIVE design that can only be found at Cozy Cuties LLC

-Baby gets the snuggles they naturally need to feel safe, and you get to be hands free (Win-win!)
-Easily navigate crowded places
-Keeps strangers from touching baby while you’re out and about
-Turns a colicky/fussy baby into a Cozy Cutie
-May help lower the risk of Post-Partum Depression by encouraging mother-child bonding
-Natural way to bond with baby

-Always inspect ring sling before use for any wear or tear. Immediately discontinue use if present
-Only use this carrier with children weighing between 8lbs and 35lbs. Never use this carrier with babies smaller than 8lbs without seeking the advice of a healthcare professional first
-Babies younger than 4 months can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tightly against your body. Babies at greatest risk of suffocation include those born prematurely and those with respiratory problems
-Check often to make sure baby's face is uncovered, clearly visible, and away from caregiver's body at all times
-If you nurse your baby in ring sling, always reposition immediately after feeding so baby's face is not pressed against your body
-Always keep one hand on baby while making adjustments to ring sling
-Practice any new position with a doll or stuffed animal before trying with your baby

Cozy Cuties LLC holds the sole rights to the ComfyCutie Hybrid Shoulder design, and any reproduction of it for commercial or personal use is illegal



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